I spent six years with City TV at the City of Santa Barbara as a producer and writer of educational TV programs and full-length documentaries. Some projects of distinction:

Garden Wise Guys
Producer, Director, Editor (13 Episodes, 2005-2009)
A quarterly TV show on sustainable landscaping, sponsored by Santa Barbara and Goleta's water agencies. Hosted by Owen Dell and Billy Goodnick.

In Plain Sight: Public Art in Santa Barbara
Writer, Editor (60 minutes, 2008)
Official entry Santa Barbara International Film Festival, nominated for regional Emmy, received national distribution in Crystal Productions art education materials catalog.

Peril and Perseverance: A History of Disasters in Santa Barbara
Producer, Writer, Editor (60 minutes, 2008)
An in-depth documentary on natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Features interviews with 1925 earthquake survivors and victims of the Painted Cave Fire.

Bright Future: Solar Power in Santa Barbara
Producer, Writer, Editor (30 minutes, 2009)
It's easier than ever to go solar in Santa Barbara. This documentary features interviews with Nobel Laureates Alan Heeger and Walter Kohn.

Commute Smart: The Long Ride Home
Producer, Writer, Editor (30 minutes, 2009)
A look at the variety of alternative transportation options in the city. Features interview with Michael Dukakis on the subject of rail transportation.

City TV Video Reel (Clips from Bright Future, Peril & Perseverance, Garden Wise Guys, Commute Smart, In Plain Sight (TRT 10 min):